Lived in a studio apartment, wrote raps between classes, and released a Mixtape titled "Champagne New Sheets." It flopped, had maybe 15 listeners but taught me about the importance of branding.

After getting my Sociology Degree, I moved from Seattle back to Federal Way. There I worked with Local Producers Beat Boyz & Dupre, inspiring the release of "KillemAll Volume 1." I made the project with an edgy feel. The lyrics are Aggressive & Contentious at times but raw in its Natural form. The Project took almost 4 months to create. I then started opening for Artists such as Kid Ink, Nipsey Hussle & Mike Studd during this period. In an attempt to find Inspiration, I stayed in Sandy Springs Atlanta, for 5 Weeks. This transition period gave me a chance to decide my next move sonically.

Nine months later, I released "KillemAll Volume 2" (Summertime Edition). Stemming from Volume 1, I took a more album-like approach in regards to beat selection. Working producers Five Star, Most Wanted & Dupre timeless music was created.

Months later a nine track EP titled "Seattle Rain" hit the streets. This EP was a fast release capturing a darker/gloomy feel. Something that made listeners feel opposite of "Volume 2." I continued opening for artists such as Juelz Santana & Too-Short!

October 2014, the release of "KillemAll Vol. 3" arrived. Guest features included Westside legend "The Jacka" & northwest producer "Vitamin D." Calling in Local guest features from Spaceman, M.O.E.T, Joey Ka$h, MDot 80 & YungnSea. This led to multiple shows Opening for Berner, Red & Methodman, Tech 9ine! 

Currently, "3 Degreez" is under Construction. Coming winter, 2015


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