her favorite genre was alternative rock, when one day she overheard someone in her neighborhood blasting something she thought was the most amazing song at the time. Days later she was to find out it was Missy Elliot's "The Rain". From there she began writing her own music. Whatever had happened in her life, she got it down on paper. With her encouraging rap lyrics over various pop/indie beats, her quirky personality and unique flow brings something different to the table. She feels that her words is all she has sometimes.

"Someone once told me I could be anything I wanted. I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to be, so I vowed to do whatever made me happy. Photography and music is what came to me. Growing up, I used to feel that my lyrics and poetry was the only thing to helped me escape. I felt something amazing happen when my mouth moved to a beat. It was like anything I couldn't figure out how to say I was able to express it", said the young artist.

The 22 year old, rapper and singer was first discovered as an artist in 2009, when she began ghostwriting for local rappers. After a while she began to wonder why she wasn't writing the music for herself and eventually vowed to start recording and making her own music. 

Now with singles like "Someone Once Told Me" and "Bad News", you can feel the spunk and charisma shining for this young lady. Working on her first album which includes songs from Pop to Hip-Hop, she has truly come a long way from the behind the scenes girl she used to be. You can expect to hear something different every time you hear a Cooper song. She is currently expanding and developing as an artist while still bringing her quirky personality to everything she does.

With her new track "Someone Once Told Me" dropping on iTunes May 27th, Veronica Cooper has been taking steps to bring some music into your life. Mad Bees will be bringing you the more from Miss Cooper in the very near future. Keep your ears to the street! We keep them buzzin!


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