After releasing his "Been Ridin" mixtape in 2011 and his first EP Still Ridin in 2012; Chevy has been making silent moves and they seem to be paying off for the young talent. Having worked with various artists, Chevy Shann is often grinding. In 2012, he linked up with Chicago's E-Real and was featured on several tracks with the artist. By 2013, the artist ventured off to Sin City to focus more on his career. With a focus on exposing himself as being one of the greatest storytellers to come out of Seattle, WA, Chevy continues to give the streets just what they're looking for; smooth flows and story lines that are so vivid it's ridiculous. 

Chevy has been grinding extremely hard over the past several months with anticipation of his upcoming album. He's released multiple projects under Organized Game Entertainment and seems to be on his way for 2014.