E-Real has always had a love for music. From playing his music loud in his mothers apartment in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, IL, to hanging out with friends listening to the latest tunes; music excited him the most. And by the time he turned 17 he was given his first drum machine; a Streetbox 246. Since then he has built a reputation for being one of the most lyrical and versatile MC's to come out of the hood.

With nothing ever being handed to him, Justin has worked extremely hard as an artist. From vocal lessons to spending time writing some of the most soulful songs for an R&B artist out of the 503; Justin has been grinding extremely hard these days.

Born in Brooklyn, NY October 25th 1985 is a rapper who goes by his given name or simply ‘O’...

Lesha Lew a Seattle Native has been making her way on the music scene. Her music is influenced by Soul,R&B, hip hop, pop, and trap music.....

R&B Artist from Baton Rouge Louisiana, See why they call him "Mr. Murder Songs"

Hailing from the "Rainy City," up-and-coming rapper Tay Will finesses a crawling instrumental from producer Polo to explore the emotions - or lack thereof

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