A man was just arrested outside The White House after he allegedly jumped a protective barrier in an attempt to reach Donald Trump. 

According to reports, the man hopped over a security barricade -- called a "bike rack" -- set up between the sidewalk on Pennsylvania Ave and the White House Fence. The man was allegedly carrying a document which he wanted to deliver to the President and did not have any weapons on him.


A CNN report says the man was arrested within two minutes of jumping the fence and the vehicle he arrived in is currently being searched.


TMZ broke the story ... a man who arrested on White House grounds last week was turned away by Secret Service agents just hours before he successfully gained entry for 20 minutes.  


Press Secretary Sean Spicer addressed the arrest on Twitter, saying, "Individual jumped bike rack on Pennsylvania Ave, not White House fence. Great response by Secret Service"


SOURCE: https://www.tmz.com/2017/03/18/white-house-intruder-arrested-donald-trump-president/

Photo Credit: Big Stock Photo