Kenny Smith, who works as an analyst for TNT alongside Charles Barkley, got involved in the latest twist of the LaVar Ball and Barkley saga.

Smith tweeted, on behalf of Barkley (who doesn’t have social media), a Photoshopped picture of Ball holding up a piece of paper with his 2.2 point college scoring average on a piece of paper – a spin from Wilt Chamberlain holding up a similar sign after his famous 100-point game.


In a previous chapter of the feud, Barkley, working as a studio analyst for CBS and TNT during the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, put on a Kent State jersey over his button-up before the UCLA-Kent State game. Ball’s son is a starter for the Bruins.

And before that, Ball said his son, LaVar, is better than the Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry, which Barkley quickly labeled as “stupidity.” At some point, Barkley also challenged Ball to a game of one-on-one after Ball said he would’ve beaten Michael Jordan solo in his prime. That game between Barkley and Ball has yet to happen.

Now, we wait for Ball to fire back at Barkley for Smith’s tweet



Photo Credit: Big Stock Photo