Six weeks already have passed since the Patriots won Super Bowl LI. Six weeks also have passed since someone stole quarterback Tom Brady’s jersey.

Much was said and written about the whereabouts of the $500,000 item in the aftermath of the game. In recent weeks, nothing.

So where does it stand? Glad you asked, even if you didn’t.


“We know that there are many agencies working on it and I think we are all hopefully optimistic that it will get resolved soon,” Patriots spokesman Stacey James told PFT via email on Sunday.

When PFT interviewed Brady last month, he was due to speak to someone about the situation. The precise status of the investigation isn’t known, and few are saying anything about the things that are being done to find it.

The universe of potential culprits is fairly small. The thief has had plenty of chances to find a way to discreetly get the thing back to Brady without ending up behind bars.


Photo Credit: Big Stock Photo